Earth Matters at the National Museum of African Art

Next week a new exhibition opens at the Nat. Museum of African Art.

Earth Matters: Land as Material and Metaphor in the Arts of Africa April 22, 2013-January 5, 2014

It opens on Earth Day (April 22).  Ecology is a theme of the show as explained by the curator in the preview video seen HERE. 

I am particularly excited to see the land art installations of Ghada Amer, El Anatsui, and Strijdom van der Merwe.  I’ll post more info here as it becomes available.  I think some articles on these articles may be in the near future too.

Until then here are some of the artists’ webpages, (click name for link):

Stridom van der Merwe

Ghada Amer

El Anatsui (his website is under construction, but you can learn about him from his Art21 segment, HERE.)



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